About us

Well there is not much to say lol. My name is Chris and I am a web admin. I have had a fascination with video games since I was 4. I remember video games being some of the best times of my childhood. Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros could always put a smile on me and my brothers face growing up. It was something we always gravitated to. I have created other popular game websites such as BoredBro.com for example. With UnblockedGamesPod.com I wanted to create something a bit more simple, higher quality and catered to the mainstream audience. The way we built this website we wanted it to be secure SSL, safe and unblock-able at schools. Yes unblock-able because great games deserve to be played and should never have any barriers.

NOTE: Kids please make sure you always put your school work ahead of everything else in life. Education is more important than any games. Education is for your future, trust me. Focus on great grades first over anything. When you have free time though its always fun to treat yourself and play a game. Please choose this website as your place to play!